Commercial Real Estate Services. Site Identification and Lease Negotiation

This site was developed by Synergy Real Estate Group, one of the leading tenant representation companies in the world. When you decide to enlist our services, you get a commitment, level of expertise and results that surpass our competition. We’ve worked on hundreds of large commercial real estate transactions and leverage our experience in negotiating with landlords to get you a great deal on commercial space. Below you’ll find more information about our corporate services and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
Advantages of Using Our Tenant Reps

Our commercial real estate experts provide a number of advantages to any company looking for space in the Silicon Valley.

– We show you every property on the market, not just properties for one company.
– We work to generate competition between landlords for your tenancy
– We help you get a great deal on your space
– Our services are paid by the landlord so you get top of the line services for free

Our process for clients looking for new space:

  1. Detailed property search based on your specific needs
  2. We tour properties fit your requirements
  3. Once you have a site(s) selected, we begin negotiating and make landlords compete for you tenancy
  4. We continue negotiating until we are certain you have the best deal we can acquire

Clients looking to renegotiate an existing lease:

– We’ll evaluate your lease against current market conditions
– We can help identify other locations that may present better options